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Daniel Stevens’ Secrets to Dog Training

The number of dog training books and methods is, no doubt, huge. Some only work on certain breeds of dogs. Of course, if a dog is easy to train, who needs a book about it in the first place? Daniel Stevens’ ebook Secrets to Dog Training (formerly Sit Stay Fetch) is, according to most who have purchased it, a goldmine of valuable information about dog training.

Daniel Stevens, the author of Secrets to Dog Training, focuses on the importance of being the “alpha dog” and the idea of “dog whispering.” The chapters deal with caring for your dog, training methods, understanding your dog, dealing with dog problems, and much more. This may seem basic but even for those who are experienced dog trainers, the author promises tips that make it worth the investment. Owners with difficult to train dogs claim this book helped them overcome difficult problems that made their dog unpleasant to be around.

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Actual Customer Feedback:

Owners of Daniel Stevens’ dog training package are generally very happy with their purchase. Difficult dog problems are often mentioned but when the owners applied the principles of the book, most of these problems vanished very quickly. No one claims it works miracles. Satisfied customers claim it contains practical and useful information that solved their dog behavior problems and, even more importantly to some when they had further questions, advice was available through the Sit Stay Fetch support system.

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Secrets of Dog Training (formerly Sit, Stay, Fetch) is the main product of Daniel Stevens. However, he also has available other products such as the Secrets of Dog Trainingh audio book, A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression, All The House Training Methods & Tricks, Dog Grooming Made Easy, Tips On Security Training Your Dog, and Secrets To Becoming The Alpha Dog as well as several dog training DVDs. These are all available at the website link below.

The course is an eBook and video that can be completed, according to one customer, in an evening. Of course, getting the dog to understand what’s going on takes longer than that. Daniel does not claim the program will change your dog overnight but he does say that, when applied consistently, it will help solve just about any behavior problems.

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